Unlikely Creation Stories: It Takes a Village of Demons to Create a Man

May 28th, 2020

We are all familiar with the Genesis stories of Creation and the making of the man. But some early believers saw man as the product of an assembly line "manned" by the powers of the air and each power contributing one of the man's members! Today - at least in the seminary I attended - the creation story that is taught holds little in common with Genesis, for there are the three gods of the godhead, and lacking anything better to do, they plan a cookout. And what springs from the common pot is all creation. The three congratulate themselves and cry "Tov" and "Masel Tov"! These are indeed UNLIKELY CREATIONS. Subscribe for more.

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“The Torah of bar Zillah” or “The Teaching of Silvanus”: Jackson Snyder Presents

May 28th, 2020

I took great pains to deliver the core meaning of this Coptic text, and in the end, the strongest impression for me was that here we have a anti-war father, a man of philosophy and letters, writing to convince his prodigal son NOT to enlist in the uprising against Rome, but rather to return to the seminary. This is not an uncommon request: fathers want to keep their sons while sons want to get into the fight. The physical text is dated to 3th - 5tjh century, but the letter itself could have been written far earlier, even during the troubles years of 66 - 140 AD as Rome was quelling rebellions all over the eastern empire. What do you think?

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“Jesus, Dance Choreographer” - 1st in the series, “Coptic Optics: Coptic Canon,” Jackson Snyder

May 28th, 2020

Seldom spoken of is the Jesus who taught his disciples how to dance. Books that had Yahshua dancing were left out of the orthodox canon. But there are other canons! The Coptic Canon includes several books with Jesus as Choreographer! In this episode, we learn about the Disciples' dance (as per the Coptic texts) and we will have the opportunity to REALLY EXPERIENCE one of them, thanks to our Yahad brother, Emerson Moe. This is the first installment of the series "Coptic Optics: A Glance at the Coptic Canon of Scripture! May YHWH Elohim be praised and esteemed! Vero Essene Yahad. Many thanks to Emerson Moe of Port St. Lucie recently of California Contact: www.Yahad.me Channel: www.youtube1.org Home: www.jacksonsnyder.com Images may be copyrited-if you see yours on here, I will gladly reimburse you (c) 2015 - 2020 Jackson Snyder

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Did a NYT Best Seller Novelist Prophesy the COVID-19 in 1981?

May 23rd, 2020

While listening to Eyes of Darkness audiobook (1981), a novel, on Youtube today, I noticed several correspondences with the Coronavirus epidemic we are now encountering. Do you believe COVID came from natural sources, or was it originally to be employed as a bio weapon. Conspiracy hounds, you will be interested in this!

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Jackson Snyder Presents The Bible Codes Redux, What has been happening in the last 30 years?

May 14th, 2020

Bible Codes was big 30 years ago, and this is an update for those who want to get back to basics on it and be updated for today.  This is a good little program, and I had fun doing it in the middle of the night (morning) May 14, 2020.  Lookee here, people.  If you have not done this already, I implore you to subscribe to my Youtube channel.  There are 5 hundred hours of Biblical and historical mysteries answered out there, and my goal is to get to a thousand subscribers in the next couple months.  My friends - I don't ask for much, do I?  Unlike so many other religion podcasters who beg money all the time, I only as for a CLICK and a TWO-MINUTE WATCH.  Do this for me - I must monetize for I am a poor man and I want to get married after 9 years of widowerhood!  I will be putting up a recording about that in the next few days to tell you the story, which I believe is an interesting one.  You don't know what you people mean to me, and if there was any way I could contact you or talk to you I would.  The only way is if you contact me.  Then we can be real friends!


Jackson Snyder Presents The Bible Codes Redux

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Schruumkoff: An Irish Pandemic Panacea: Ancient Origins

May 8th, 2020

Boggie Schruumkoff picks an article: Ireland's Sacred Wells.  It has been reported that some of the Irish are going back to their blessed waters for a Corona cure.  His take on the matter.  Contact Bogdan at www.yahad.me.  

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Jackson Snyder Presents “In the Closet of the Vatican.” The Thinking Believer

May 8th, 2020

Last year a book came out (with the title above) that really shook up the religious world. It is written by a Catholic journalist and who is also the foremost scholar on homosexual matters. Today I identify the highlights or "Rules" of this book. It is not my intention to denigrate anyone, but this book made such a splash and has disappeared to some extent, maybe into the Vatican's closet. Jackson Snyder Presents. Contact www.Yahad.me for new translations of authentic ancient books free in pdf.

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Bishop Bob’s Cut on the Corona Culprit.

May 6th, 2020

I read a good thread on FB by Bishop Bob Biermann and thought I would pass it on with some of my own comments.  The lock-down is crazy in places like this.  Nobody is dying here, but the people who are out look like they are in a gas attack while they get deeper and deeper into the banks having paid no mortgages because they have no jobs except staying in and listening to my presentations.  Sheep following the pig off the cliff.  I wonder if they were directed by those in power to avoid getting sick by jumping off the roof of their houses (they are about to lose), they would do it.  Thanks a lot for listening and subscribing.  There are just a few here,. and I haven't been on here very long.  But I've been on Youtube for probably 10 or more years and am now just a few hundred away from the big 1000 subscribers.  That is really good for the kind of stuff we do here.  Help us if you haven't already.  Go to www.youtube1.org, click submit, then watch a little something and you have put us one step further toward that 1000.  (If you get 1000 subscribers and have at least 4000 hours in the last year, you may then do a LOT MORE on Youtube.)  Grace and peace to my little gang here.  You are not getting sick through the providence of YHWH!

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Pandemics in the Roman Empire: COVID-90AD.

May 5th, 2020

I great article from Ancient-Origins Premium.  Whatever affected ROME in the first centuries affected Israel.  I learned that the lifespan of Romans averaged 22 years and I knew that in Israel at that time, the lifespan was 29 years.  I think that is because of 1) infant mortality was high, 2) no lead in the water pipes.  You wonder why t he emperors were mad as hatters.  The rich guys drank for lead pipes and cups.  Duh.  You can help me on Youtube by subscribing there also,  I've been on there 10 years and never got near the 1000 subscribers you need to get going.  You can help.  Go to www.youtube1.org, click "subscribe," then watch a few  minutes of a presentation there.  There are a lot more there than here.  And I certainly thank you for your support (as does "General" Schruumkoff.) 

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The MILLENNIUM in one song - “The Secret Presence” - A Messianic Hymn

May 3rd, 2020

Another good Bible song by the Royal Klezmerines. This is slow and hymn-like. Please read the lyrics:  (All songs are from EloHymn (c) 2006, Jackson Snyder

1.All we who wait for Yahweh and cry out in our prayers may know his secret presence is shaping world affairs.

2.As privileged leaders gather to plot and plan our fate, the boundaries of nations, and who to love and hate.

We have waited all these centuries, O Father, to see your face again. Our strength has failed; our bones have paled. We bid you come amain. (That means "immediately.") We beg you come again.

3.Messiah takes his judges into the hidden booth to make known by these prophets the future and the truth.

4.Outside, while men and women engage the strife of tongues, inside our Savior leads us high up the ladder's rungs.

5.From these rare lofty highlands, the prophet scans the skies and penetrates the evil of earth with eagles' eyes. 6.The man of El reports to his elect alert to NOW: that world affairs from these sacred stairs all must hasten to a BOW.

YES! We have waited all these centuries, O Father, to see your face again. Our strength has failed; our bones have paled. We bid you come amain. We beg you come again. Amein.

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