The Slavonic Josephus: more on Jesus, John the Baptist and the Movement - ONE

February 20th, 2020

Before the Jewish War, Josephus wrote an account in Aramaic that included much about the people in the New Testament.  That manuscript was lost or destroyed.  In 1860 it was re-discovered, translated into Old Russian.  This manuscript was finally translated into English in the early 20th century.  It came out in publication in 1931 in a book that has become rare today.  In 2003, a new publication came out with the Old Russian translation compared to the English of the common translation we use today.  There are vast differences between the two, including significant information about several New Testament characters in the Old Russian that is not in the common version.  Up until recently, this "Slavonic Josephus" has been very difficult to find and very expensive to buy.  But, with a little help from my friends, I have acquired these translations and am working on a version to make available to anyone without cost.  In this podcast, I will reveal these new stories of Jesus, John and the movement.  So I expect that very few have heard the stories found on this recording.  I hope you enjoy it - it was a lot of work to prepare - and I expect to do a second recording as well.  If you want the transcript, please go to and request it.    

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2300 Days of Hell - When? Joseph Dumond 1 hr. 40 minutes.

February 17th, 2020

The ever-popular Joseph Dumond returns, and we are privileged to have him back to tell us WHEN the world will face the 2300 days that he predicts from his study of Bible prophecy.  This recording was made from  our Controversial Forum Event February 15, 2020.  His site is  Note: This presentation is speculative and controversial.  I would suggest that before you listen, you ask your Father for patience.  And whether we believe and understand the words of a prophet or not, a prophet must be judged, according to scripture, and a prophet cannot be judged unless he has an opportunity to share what is on his heart and mind.  The name of our event is CONTROVERSIAL topics forum.  We have found Joseph to be a great man of conviction and serious in his endeavors, not pointing to himself, but rather to give warning to the people of Elohim out of love.  There is nothing fake about his witness of life.  Thank you Father for podbean - a place that we can share information without fear of being closed down as we have been other places. 

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James the Just, Part 3 - a Digest of Jeffrey Bütz book, “The Brother of Jesus”

February 17th, 2020

For your enter-trainment, here is the final session of this subject presented by Elder Allyson Gary.

Do you have a testimonial or teaching you would like to share?  Please let me know.  These podcasts, videos and manuscripts are from YHWH, who shares them freely with you and who grants you unlimited opportunities to share with others.  Thank YHWH for Allyson Gary! 

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New Earth Restoration Online Shabbat Service, Elder J. Ray Boshers Speaking

February 17th, 2020

COURAGE!  This episode is a sample service that we do each Shabbat at 11 AM ET, especially for those who do not have a proper local place to attend.  The way I understand it, fulfillment of the 4th Commandment entails two parts: rest AND set-apart convocation, a coming together in Yahad for worship and study.  It is the second that we have felt a need to provide, especially since most people connected to this ministry do not have a place or the place they have is exclusive, unfriendly to non-Jewish people or just plain idolatrous.  

Some of the ordained deacons and elders of our fellowship serve as speakers and rotate from week to week.  Some of the podcasts on this site come from the service speakers.  Jackson Ray Boshers, the speaker this particular Shabbat (February 15, 2020), is one of our favorites.  Elder Boshers works hard to find the nourishment we need for each week ahead.  He lives in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee.  He ministers as a retail executive in a popular department store.  In his time off, he enjoys family and body-building.  To contact Ray or anyone else on the team, surf to and complete a contact form.

Instructions for joining us for these events:  
Hearing Voices: Sunday, 9:30 PM ET. 
SHABBAT SERVICE.  11 AM - noon. 
Controversial Topics Forum: Saturday - 1 PM
"The Mystery if History": Wednesday 9:30 PM
Authentic Apocrypha, First Fridays each month 9:01 PM  

To join in, use the device you have:
Download and install the free meeting software
When the time comes, surf to
or use your phone:(408) 638-0968  Meeting ID 240-482-4530
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Joseph bar Naba and the War on West Florida, A Historical Sermon, Part 1

February 10th, 2020

This is a sermon, a fiction, and the description of a real war - the war the Revelation describes - and Barnabas was a survivor.  This will probably not be understood by many.  A little Florida geography is wanted as well as a little history of the Israel of the first century.  The war predicted by every new testament writer.   Part 1 of 2.

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James the Just, Part 2 - a Digest of Jeffrey Bütz book, “The Brother of Jesus”

February 10th, 2020

Allyson brings the second part of three for a digest of the book, The Brother of Jesus by Jeffrey Butz.

Confused on the calendar?  I have a gift for you!  After many years research by many people, the Old Priestly Temple Calendar has been found just in time for Pesach.  And for you, without charge.  Just send me a note at  You'll be astounded at what you will get!  This is not anywhere near like any other calendar in the world.

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Double Header: Who Am I? + Impeached!

February 3rd, 2020

Brother Daniel sets the barn on fire with these two messages from the Haftorah.  Some mighty fine preachin'.

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James the Just, Part 1 - a Digest of Jeffrey Bütz book, “The Brother of Jesus”

February 1st, 2020

Allyson begins her digest of Bütz (Boots) book The Brother of Jesus and the Lost Teachings of Christianity.  HA!  There WERE NO CHRISTIANS when this man lived.  These teachings were not lost, they were discarded.  Do church folks even know anything about this man, or that Jesus ever had a brother?  Dare they think he might have had a brother?  Allyson does a great job in the first installment of this digest.



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Introduction to the Slavonic Josephus, the Lost Aramaic “Jewish War”

February 1st, 2020

Five Years Ago!

But today - join us on Zoom February 7.

AND HE SCORES. Yes, I scored something I have been seeking for 25 years today. Birthday present came a week early this year. The Complete Slavonic Josephus - the old Russian translation of the - Aramaic -Jewish War. No access to poor people. If you can find a book, you can pay $400 - $700 for it. You can't even borrow from a library because the very few libraries that have it won't let it out. So I found this book in a University library and went to the public library here, and they said, "Why, we'll try; but you're not going to get this book, and if you do, you'll have to sit in the back room with it. Elohim works miracles. My intention is to make this book available to English speakers like us. My intention is right - too expensive to buy, too few published (just for Universities, no pdf - well, not yet. But I was granted permission to have it for 2 months - and that, my friends, is a miracle. And if I have it, then everyone else will have it - legally of course. Did you know there is a rule that if a book is too expensive to buy, if it is of limited availability and if there are no cheap copies of PDFs - that you can LEGALLY make a copy of it and distribute it? That's what I'm going to do. Of course, most people don't know what it is or its significance for biblical studies - but it has a lot in it about Yahshua and Yochanan the Dunker and James - such that scholars of course want to keep it limited to just a few. When the public finds out what's in there - and it is good for believers - perhaps it will gain some interest. And by the way, We're going to take another look at Slavonic Josephus February 7th 9:30 PM on Zoom along with the Teaching of the Twelve (Didache) and the Epistle of Barnabas. This is an ongoing apocrypha series - once a month for the next several months. It is not open to the public, but if you would like a pass, let me know and I'll give you one

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Here’s Your Opportunity. You can participate and enjoy the materials free.

January 21st, 2020

VERO ESSENE YAĦAD   Illustration, a sprite from the Codex Sinaiticus, earliest New Testament, different books
“Yahad Review Fellowship,” Class of 2020  -  Announcement Jackson Snyder, January 1, 2020

Nazorean Apocrypha and Theology Introduction 4U

First meeting February 7th, 9:30 PM ET on ZOOM

This opportunity is for those wanting to learn authentic apocryphal letters with me, for New Members and for those involved in the Ministry Candidacy Training Program. The texts we will look at are authentic Apostolic works with important theological distinctions. Your involvement indicates that you really do want to learn what the ancients believed and practiced during the first decades of what scholars call “Jewish Christianity” or “The Quest for the Historical Jesus.” As a translator of these books into Hebraic English, I hope to be able to point out their nuances so that you may follow your Master more closely if you so desire. There is no hidden agenda.

This Introduction is the first course in three different learning tracks. By your response to one message or another from me, you qualify for one or more.
Friends track - a three-month mentored study experience. Everything involved is free.
Membership track - a 6-month training course for ordinands. $17 dues per mo.
Ordination track - a one-year supervised ministry course, $25 dues per mo.

Dues for members? Yes. We must charge dues just like the Temple did in old time - the Temple Tax. No one in the Yahad is paid! The administration of the Vero Yahad / New Earth is about $350 per month because we are working for the Restoration every waking hour. Paying dues helps keep the such opportunities as this free, makes you a part of what’s happening and gives you a say in this democratic, equal-opportunity ministry. There are very few professional ministries like this. I can name one - the Jerusalem Assembly of YWHW!

The following texts are chosen primarily because, though they were widely used in the apostolic era and included in the earliest complete New Testament, they were detached the New Testament by the powers-that-were as being too Jewish or otherwise in conflict with the Epistles of Paul. But a re-examination proves to us that much in these are even more authentic than the other New Testament documents. The Church Ecumenical Councils may have rejected them in the 4th century and yet today, but we cannot. Here are some of the options:

We are starting with these, so please read them.
The Teaching aka The Didache: practical instructions first for new believers, then for assembly overseers and ministers, written by Simon Zealotes.

The Epistle of Barnabas: a member of the 120 endeavoring to reconstitute like-minded believers who had survived the disasters of the Great Tribulation.

The Jewish War, Slavonic Version: a translation of the “lost” Aramaic version considered spurious by the church and still hidden away from us.

Here are some others we will consider as we continue.
The Clementine Recognitions and Homilies: the “Nazarene Acts” of Peter, James and Clement complete with previously unknown yet viable beliefs, practices and stories - as journaled by Clement of Rome.

The Shepherd of Hermas: also a bonafide canonical book ousted for its apocalypse, “Jewishness” and “foolishness” because of the angels and revelations therein.

The Gospel and Acts of Philip: stories of several apostles and their missionary endeavors verified by a sensational archaeological find in 2011.

The Gospel of Thomas: the “fifth” gospel, a sayings-source of the Messiah that many scholars now consider the precursor to the Bible gospels.

Alternative Readings: There are over 5,000 fragments and sources translators use to give you the New Testament on your shelf - and they all differ.

Alternate Paul: a new look at the Apostle from sources outside the Bible. This study will be full of surprises. You never read about a Paul like this.
The Revelation: the mystery of this book is in the history of Israel. This study will open your eyes because there is a key to it is hidden in plain site.


Our first get-together will be online on 6th day (Friday) at 9:30 PM ET February 7th, 2020, then the first Friday of the following two months. We may expect the sessions to last until as late as 11 PM (but no later, and we will shoot for 10:30). Download and install the free meeting client from When it is time to meet, simply surf on your PC to We would prefer not to use phones unless absolutely necessary. If you must use your phone - (408) 638-0968 Meeting ID 240-482-4530.
The first meeting we will work on The Teaching (Didache), The Epistle of Barnabas and The Jewish War, Slavonic. If you do not have my redactions of these texts, please do contact me for them at


1. Please use my translations of the texts above. Generic translations, which you may find on the Internet, have been completed by churchmen for church people and are by-and-large not accurate.

2. We may or may not get to all of these, but this Nazorean Apocrypha and Theology Introduction will be extended for those who want to go on. There is a vast amount of early literature available, and the majority of it is quiet worthwhile, some full of historical information that helps supplement our understanding of “Jewish Christianity.”

Thank you for taking part! More to come for members’ an ministers’ tracks.


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