2021 Ordination and Recognition Service - VEY - NEROSS

November 15th, 2021

O Happy Day, I Sealed My Choice! On November 13th, Vero Essene Yahad / New Earth Restoration Network recorded our annual Ordination and Recognition service.  After a year and a half's Supervised Ministry, we offer unto the Almighty 4 new ordained Shoterim (Deacons), 6 new Licensed Ministers, and in the last month, 6 new members, 3 winners of the Essene Adze Award and one big scholarship.  HalleluYah.  This recording contains a word about online ordination, then the Recognitions of the Yahad.  There's a lot on here, and it's long - but the length is altered by removing the times of silence.  Every believer, minister or not, should listen to this recording!  I was full of joy in recording this, for we were near the end in August of 2020, then the rain began to fall.  If you like what you hear, get in on the rain!  www.joinyahad.com.

Have you seen these four men?

Contact at www(dot)Yahad.me.

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