Akhenaten, Joseph, Moses and the Third Temple, Part 4 Migrations

August 1st, 2019

In this episode, the Forum looks into people migrations within and without the 18th dynasty of Egypt in search of a cohesive theory regarding the age of Akhenaten and that of the Bible.  Help us!  Join in!  Wednesday nights, 9 PM ET.  Download and install the free ZOOM client from www.zoom.us then surf to www.theyahad.com at the proper time.  Else contact me at www.yahad.me and get your free andcient Nazarene books.  And don't forget Tabernacles with the group in northwest Georgia just in time for the (tree) color change.  Single - all food, lodging and activities for 8 nights, 9 days $210.  See details at www.feasts.us.  Check out my resources at www.jacksonsnyder.com.  Learn, broadcast.   Get beyond the temporal through meditation & prayer. Get beyond the individual through service. Get beyond the separation through community.  YHWH bless you all.  

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