Forum: Calendar Cunundrum

September 20th, 2019

After extensive research in conjunction with some of the most astute calendar people in the movement, we are more than convinced that the calendar Yahshua used was the "Old Priestly Calendar" or Zadok and King David.  If Yahshua is to be the coming king of the world, would he be putting said world on a calculated moon calendar?  No way.  Would Melchi-Zadok be on a moon calendar?  No.  In Yahshua's time, at least three calendars were used for setting the feasts.  The Sadducean calendar was the Luni-solar (or some people say, Solar Lunar); they borrowed this calendar from the Greeks in order to line up their holidays so as to avoid Greek market days.  The Pharisees, initially being foreigners (Farsis) used the Persian lunar calendar so as to line up with Persian / Parthian market days.  But the many Essene groups uncompromisingly continued on with the Priestly or Zadokite calendar of the days of David.  (All Israel used this calendar up to when the true priesthood was exiled and Sadducees and Pharisees took over the Temple around 170 BC.)  Jews today use a lunar calendar that only came into vogue a thousand years ago.  And those who DO use the Zadokite calendar, as they should, are improvising to match up with the world.  But we are not compromising, since the calendar is a very important institution for the future.  In this forum, some folks are commiserating about how the calendar (or improvisation on the calendar) is dividing the body.  (If you want a copy of the Davidic / Zadokite calendar, write me at and I'll send you one.  If you want to learn WHY this calendar is the true, look around for calendar studies at, or maybe I'll put some of these studies up here.)  This really is a crucial issue that we must find resolution for.   

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