The Proverbs of Hell (William Blake) - Reincarnated as a Buzzard (anon)

July 28th, 2020

SATAN: Episode 4: Proverbs of Hell. The first reading features Br. Bogdan Schruumkoff. It is an excerpt from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1793) by William Blake (who I consider a literary genius FULLY conversant in the Apocryphal Jewish Literature). Bogdan does a great job with that confusing mess. I read the second, "Coming Back a Buzzard," the thoughts of a person on Reincarnation - but also the unspoken place he must go BEFORE becoming a buzzard. Kafka's Metamorphoses might have been here, though it is too long - and equally hellish. However, hell in these readings might not seem so bad - but the demon of confusion is definitely in their making. All the more reason - no matter what you believe about Heaven or Hell, that you Make your Peace, Keep the Feast and Live Like Messiah - do the best you can do and it will be accounted to you as righteousness.

By the way, Blake's book King Jesus is full of concepts from the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha.  If you are familiar with these, you might want to read Blake's book.  He uses the obscure to eke out a historical novel that is bizarre (to say the least), but also demonic genius.  If you are a believer and easily upset, or a doctrinairian, then by all means avoid this book. 



The Vero Essene Yahad
Bogdan G. Shruumkoff
Brothers In Arms by Alexander Nakarada

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