The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross: Was Jesus Really a Big, Red Mushroom?

July 28th, 2020

An old book that still sells big is The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross by original scrolls team member John Marco Allegro (1923 - 1988).  His is a strange story indeed: in a very convincing manuscript, Allegro sets out to prove that Jesus was never a person, but a mushroom that was, supposedly, when eaten, hallucinogenic!  That got this Aramaic expert, the only non-Catholic on the team, expelled and exiled as an untouchable.  Actually, his book - which I spent some real money to obtain for YOU - is a well-thought out and annotated treatise on anthropology and especially of the use of hallucinogenics to provoke visions.   In the Apocalypses of Peter and Paul I put up shortly before this, I wouldn't doubt that these fellows were on mushrooms when (and if) they wrote their visions of Hell.  Of course, I don't believe in it, yet recent discoveries have revealed that the Temple crowd did indeed use marijuana in their temple services.  Actually, if they did that in the church these days, I could probably stay wake in there.   Here are some excerpts of the premise of the book, and some takes from Allegros actual interviews.  


The Vero Essene Yahad
Bogdan G. Shruumkoff
Brothers In Arms by Alexander Nakarada


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