HELL: Descriptions of Hell from the Apocalypses of Peter and Paul, Lost Books

July 28th, 2020

Whether you believe in Hell or not, those in the 3rd through 6th centuries did absolutely, as evidenced in these two Apocalypses.  Fortunately for these early believers, the church was able to find a way for some of them to get out: through a proper payment to the Pope!  You've heard the stories of people in Hell hanging up on meat hooks with their heads descending into gore and shit?  Well, these books are where this belief came from long before Dante and Milton.  I received a thoughtful comment for this episode on Youtube - something like, "Consider the gravity of the situation, since the things the people in the books did to get into a tortured Hell WE DO EVERY DAY."  That wasn't it, but that is the gist.  Friends - that certainly made me think!  And the torture is especially horrible for those guilty of sexual sins, particularly fornication with virgins, homosexuality, child molesting and perhaps the worst sexual sin of all, abortion.  If there is any truth in these texts (and I hope there is none), those who commit these acts need to spend considerable time in oblation, repentance and turning back to Torah.  For it is not faith, belief or grace that saves you - it is entirely WORKS.  And I think on that score, the books are probably more correct than not!         

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