Inner Healing and Deliverance Podcasts - Advanced

August 21st, 2019

We have to warn you before you listen to these podcasts.  There may be materials that are profane or upsetting to regular listeners.  I put this up for those who are experienced to some degree in these kinds of ministries.  Transcripts and notes are available by request here.

Series: "Hearing Voices" - Our Struggle Against Evil Bodiless Spirits

   Part 22: Demonic Activity and Destruction in the Nazarene Acts

   Part 21: Demonic Activity and Destruction in the Nazarene Acts

   Part 20: The Communion; the Master's Supper

   Part 19: Dreams and Visions with Elder Ray

   Part 18: The Checklist Before the Healing and Deliverance Events   Notes

   Part 17-1: Doing the Deliverance Ministry Event   Notes

   Part 17-2: Doing the Deliverance + Messiah in the Feasts

   Part 16: Preparing for the Deliverance Ministry Event   Notes

   Part 15:  Guideline for the Ministry of Inner Healing  Notes

   Part 14: SacraNatural Healing Method   Notes

   Part 13: Preparing for Self-deliverance  

   Part 12: The Probing: Help Determining if the Problem is Demonic

   Part 11: Signs of the Demoniac - The Quadriplegic and the Octopus

   Part 10: "I Hate the Blood" - A Child Demonized & Delivered

   Part 9:  Rejection Forum

   Part 8:  The Front Man (the Pretense)

   Part 7:  Portals of Demonic Entry

   Part 6:  Prisoners of Evil

   Part 5:  Fighting Hell and the Montanists

   Part 4:  The Heavenly Voice (Bath Qol)

   Part 3:  Carl and His Devils from Hostage to the Devil, Malachi Martin

   Part 2:  Hearing the Voices of the Damned

   Part 1:  The Black Mass from Hostage to the Devil, Malachi Martin

   Part 0-1:  Hordes of Demons Infiltrate a Small Community

   Part 0-2:  Hordes of Demons Take Advantage and Enter Open Doors  


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