Paul and the New Testament Code - Musings

August 27th, 2019

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Now let us connect some dots again with Paul; the dots may or may not connect, it is a matter of speculation, but informed speculation; the connections seem to give us a picture of Paul as a Galilean rather than a Tarsian, a Herodian rather than a Pharisee, from a notable family fallen on hard times, well-connected with the Imperator and his inner circle and most of all - very influential.  We then find more dots to connect in the Nazarene Israel faith through the use of Robert Eisenman's New Testament Code, a thoroughly mystifying book, the sequel to his best-seller James the Brother of Jesus.  I would really like to know if anyone is familiar with this book because I have done a lot with it, and there is much more to do.  Eisenman is a member of the Vero Yahad Think Tank on Facebook, and is often a presenter at our events.  We have most of his books in our online lending library if you want to take a look.  Let me know if you do.

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