Sociopathy Part 2: Interview with a Sociopath

September 28th, 2019

Several years ago I interviewed a suspected sociopath.  I lost the recording and, wouldn't you know, working on this Sociopathy series, it turned up again.  The audio isn't great, but good enough to be illustrative of the podcast title.  We take up the third installment Sunday night the 29th at 9:30 PM ET if you would enjoy joining us.  ZOOM to  

Sukkot for Enochians is Oct 8 - 17 and we've opened our Feast to all comers free of charge.  We'll be in Tennessee between Knoxville and Chattanooga off I-75.  You live around there?  Good.  Come on.  Bring your tent; we're roughing it a little.  Contact me for more information.  

In the meantime, it won't take much effort to let me know if you find this podcast entertaining or informative.  We call it ENTER-TRAINING.

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