The Great Demise, Part 3, the Snake-worshipers of Opheorymos

August 8th, 2019

A little fun between the Melchizedek series.  This is another Great Demise; that of the inhabitants of Opheorymos (aka Hierapolis).  It's my version based on the Acts of Philip and some other ancient texts.  Cast includes Apostles John, Philip, Bartholomew, Mariamne (Magdala, Philip's sister), the blessed Stachys, James the Just and a cast of the rest of the Apostles including one we never heard of.  Unfortunately, at least one of the Apostles is done in and maybe two.  Recently in Hierapolis was found the memorial to one of these Apostles, which gives an authentic ring to the whole story - for it is very believable.  Oh, and there is a cameo appearance of the Messiah here too, and all ends up kinda bittersweet for everyone except the inhabitants of Opheorymos, which, according to the story, was the original name for Hierapolis, which means "Stream of Snakes."  Lots of vipers in this one.  And lots of action.

If you like this kind of story-telling, won't you let me know?

Tabernacles - come with me  I'll be there with Eddie Chumney, Rich Cook and Bishop Regesh.


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